Warm Up Taiwan with Heart of Hope

Date:Nov. 5th, 2016 (Sat.)
Time:19:45 to 19:15
Location:Xiang Shan Visitor Center

Performing Groups:

1.Sinsiwang Band
(including: Sinsiwang Band Headquarters, Taichung Bar Association Saxophone Band, AlisanDanayiguSinsiwang Band, Kaohsiung “New Hope Band”, Nantou County Yuchi Junior High School Choir)
2.AlisanSaviki Tribal Classroom:
〈including: Saviki Primary School students, Saviki Primary School Alumni currently studying in junior high, senior high and college, Saviki Tribe Damayaye Choir〉

Charity bazaar:

1.Wild Boar Liang Chou Tribe Dinning Culture
2.Crown Coffee  
3.Mr. Black Chinese Mesona
4.Feeling 18℃ Hand Made Chocolate
5.Sunny Hills Pineapple Cake
6.Momi Decoupage Association
7.On-site Character Sketch by Chin-Fon Artist Association Painters          
8.Sinshenzen Handicraft Charity Auction

Taichung Bar Association Saxophone Band


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