2016 Sun Moon Lake Enjoy Your Day: ”Traffic” promotions

All.Da.Bus Co., Ltd. ✆ 04-22239-666

  • Taichung ↔ Shuili one day discount ticket NTD270,One-Day Unlimited Rides with All.Da.Bus
  • With an additional charge of NTD100/person during promotion period, tourists will be entitled to make reservation of one-way shuttle service from Shuili to respective B&B or hotels, or a free one-way ride to Che Cheng.   (Prior reservation is required.) 
  • Tourists with accommodation in Shuili Zen and Pine Resort will receive All.Da.Bus one-day coupon for free!!!
  • Tourists with one-day coupon will receive a discount of NTD270 over Shuili Zen and Pine Resort room fare, and free elegant afternoon tea for those who check in on Zen and Pine Resort’s Facebook!!   
  • Tourists using one-day coupon for bike rental at the Shuili Bike Courier Station with rental amount reaching NTD100 will be entitled to enjoy full amount wavier over on-site consumption(bike courier station merchandise, meals) at the Shuili Bike Courier Station with the maximum waiver of NTD200. Full consumption amount will be waived if it is below NTD200.  
  • Tourists will receive 10% discount in scooter rental if they use one-day coupon for rental at the Shuili Township Da Fan Scooter Rental.    
  • Tourists will enjoy group discount for purchase of Shuili Snake Kiln ticket using one-day coupon. 
  • Tourists using one-day coupon for bike rental at Gigi Town Shun Da Bike Rental will enjoy 30% discount.  
  • Tourist using one-day coupon at Gigi Tien Shin Kiln will enjoy 10% discount for ceramic-playing (kiln-burning fee is excluded; no discount is offered if no ceramic-playing ticket is purchased).   
  • Ceramic-Playing Time: (1)10:00-12:00 (2)14:00-16:00 (Reservation is required.)
  • 15% for Merchandise Purchases (special discount goods, consigned goods, single-piece goods, personal goods and custom-made goods are excluded).
  • Tourists using one-day coupon to stay in Gigi Town Qin Hai Hotels will enjoy 20% discount over official website room fare.
  • Tourists purchasing one-day coupon will be able to enjoy limited delicate gift, full-color Gigi Town and Shuili Township dual page map, 10% discount serial number card for TsaoTun Town La gauche hand-made sweets. 
  • Shuttle service to Che Cheng or Sun Moon Lake will be offered to one-day coupon tourists to the most possible extent. However, reservation via phone 3 days before departure is required, and the exact number of tourists, destination and time needed should be provided. All.Da.Bus is entitled not to provide shuttle service if information is insufficient or tourists are unqualified for service.

Merida Bikes 【Zhongxing Store】 ✆ 049-2855-295

  • 10% Discount for Bikes in Store

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