2016 Sun Moon Lake Enjoy Your Day: ”Food” promotions

Shuili Township Farmer's Association ✆ 049-2772-101

  • A gift of popsicle will be given to those who click on "like"  in the FB fans club of this Associations'  store and Che Cheng Jen Mei Guan during promotion period (Oct. 14th ~ Nov. 13th). (Supply will be subject to the quantity available in the Farmers'Association.) 
  • 10% discount is offered to the purchase of this Association's specialty products.

Hugosum Black Tea Farm ✆ 049-2897-238

  • 20% discount is offered to all drinks in Hugosum Tea Farm Restaurant. 
  • A tea bag gift box (8 tea bags) will be given for tea purchase amount of NTD1,500 or more. 
  • Tea purchase amount excludes DIY experience and meals. 
  • 南投縣魚池鄉新城村香茶巷5號

Taiwan Hui-Sun Coffee ✆ 042-3260-862

  • Taiwan Hui-Sun Coffee Fireworks Set Meal   Original Price NTD175 
  • Firework Tower+ Classic Black Coffee :Special Price NTD150<-(Crème Brulee + Hui Sun Americano) 
  • This set meal is launched during this promotion period. (Oct. 14th, 2016 ~ Nov. 13th, 2016)

Taiwan One Town One Product Co., Ltd.(OTOP)
 ✆ 042-2930-839 ✆ 049-2856-535

  • (Peanut, Combination, Coffee) Nougat
  • (Bamboo Charcoal, Spicy, Mustard) Peanut
  • Black Tea Pan Cake 
  • King Oyster Mushroom, Okra, Pumpkin Chips 
  • Milk Tea 
  • Banana Roll Cake, Gold Banana Stripehttps
  • 南投縣魚池鄉名勝街24號

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