Listen! The Stream is Singing!

Time: Nov. 12th , 2016 (Saturday) 16:00~18:00
Location: Taomi Paper Dome

Located next to Taomikeng Creek, Paper Dome is an innovative humane landmark in Taomi Nature Preservation and it is a diversified-species heaven which encompasses more than 20 ecological ponds.

On Nov. 12th, Annual Art Saturation Space Project executed by the New Homeland Foundation will launch its premier performance of environment symphony poem with rivers and creeks as its theme.

This performance of aboriginal ecological music comes with a solid list of performers. Composer Lin, Fan-Yi, who had studied in Austria, serves as the creation director for this performance.

Wu, Can-Zheng, a synchronized voice artist, will contribute voices he collected in Taomi over the last two years. Furthermore, Puli Butterfly Orchestra, the only township-level orchestra, will conduct performance together with Japanese audio man Onodera 小野寺加史’s live mixing.

This concert is expected to be the first of its kind in Sun Moon Lake performance art history by presenting a contemporary environment sound drama which integrates ecological experience travel.

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