1kg Travel

This concept is one kind of voluntourism and originated from Zhi-Hai Yu-1kg more.
We hope tourists to arrange theirs stuffs before traveling.  They can donate theirs unnecessary things to local charities, students in rural areas and the elders while traveling.

Making connections between locals and tourists from bringing supplies is not just give and take.  Furthermore, we make donations not only establishment of friendship but extend the lifecycle of product.

There are lots of reasons for traveling, such as take a rest and relax. “Happiness Lies in Helping Others.”  It will be an unforgettable experience, do some charity while traveling.

This year, 2016 Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music and Come! Bikeday devoted into charity.  We collaborate with non-profit organization and provide desk for visitors can make donations.  Visitors can get special limited event gift by donating.

10/29 Sun Moon Lake Fireworks with Fuhsing Orchestra, 11/12 Romantic Music Poet- Composer Master Lee Tai-Xiang Theme Concert.  In order to avoid causing inconvenient situations, we strongly advice tourists can donate below supplies in need.

Come! Friends, pack up and go travel! Let’s Travel with love, the Sun and Moon always rise!

Bath Towel, Facecloth, Body Wash, Shampoo, Tissue, Dry Hand Wash, Hair Dryer,
Electronic Sphygmomanometer, Ear Thermometer, Battery, Meat Floss, Wet Wiper, Diapers, Lotions


  • 地址:南投縣南投市民族路617號
  • 電話:049-2222151

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